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Special finishes such as Ruspert, Tufcoat, Nylon Patch, Chromate free, Mechanical Plating etc and much more.

ASF can produce screws in a variety of materials that include:

Stainless Steels: 302HQ, 305, 316, 410, 430, 304, 347, 321, 904L

Carbon: C1006, C1008, C1010, C1022

as well as other exotic materials.

Amalgamated Steel Fasteners are proud to offer the highest quality fasteners that fulfill the AS3566 Class 3 and 4 stringent standards.

Screws meeting the AS3566 Class 3 and 4 standards are subjected to rigorous testing procedures and meet the following criteria:

• 1000 hours of Salt Spray Test – AS2331.3.1 and ASTM B117
• 1000 hours of 100% humidity Test – ASTM D2247
• 2000 hours of UV Condensation Test – ASTM G154
• 15 cycles of Kesternich Test – DIN 50018 SFW 2.05

We can offer the following licensed coatings:

  1. Dacromet
  2. Ruspert
  3. Geomet

Our mechanically deposited tin/zinc coating with a thickness of 30um is also compliant to the AS3566 Class 3/4 standard. Other coatings available are can electrical platings, hot dipped galvanizing and black phosphating.

ASF can supply a full range of washers, bonded or separate with a choice of grey and black EPDM. A full selection of thread styles and drill points are also available.

ASF also offers the most environmentally friendly paint coatings. Certain of our chrome free water based paints meet the AS3566 specification as follows:

Hot Salt Spray ResistanceASTM B117 pass 1000hrsASTM B117 pass 1000hrs
Humidity ResistanceBS3900 F2 pass 1000hrsASTM 2247 pass 1000hrs
Artificial WeatheringBS3900 F3 pass 2000hrsISO11341 pass 1000hrs
Natural WeatheringPass 1 year – minimal colour change, gloss retention

Colours can be matched according to client’s requirements. ASF’s full range of paint powder coatings include: PU, Epoxy, Epoxy/Polyester, Polyester, Acyril, Functional, Metal series and special Pattern series.

A Factory Warranty is supplied with all fasteners manufactured in accordance with the AS specification against pre-mature corrosion.

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