Rail and Accessories



We offer a wide range of light and heavy rail in all international standards ex stock and ex production from our facilities around the world.

Turnouts, Crane Rail, guard rails and tee rails are also available.


Types of Turnouts:

  • Single Crossover 
  • Double Crossover
  • Curved 
  • Crossing 
  • Diamond / Double Slip Switch 
  • Equilateral (Wye) Turnout
  • Three-way Turnout

700/900A9 - 25m15kg,22kg, 30kg, 40kg,48kg,57kg

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Quality Assurance

We strive to deliver the best quality and service to our customers

We offer competitive pricing for products of the highest, quality-controlled international standards manufactured by our partners around the world. All products are meticulously manufactured to customer requirements and expectations.